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StartupGym raises capital on CrowdFundMe
We launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to offer more people the chance to participate in our journey.
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La Repubblica
Aspiring Entreprenuers Wanted
StartupGym launches two new programs in search of 'Launchers' and 'Founders in Residence' to lead our next startups.
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From Silicon Valley to Italy
Tarek Fahmy, the CTO of StartupGym, told us why he chose to work in an Italian startup.
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Why Italian startups do not scare anyone?
Our startup ecosystem is not solid enough to create competitive companies in the world. Why is this true?
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Enrico Pandian
We have open positions
Check the careers page to see our currently open positions across a wide variety of different skills.
Open Positions
StartupGym Team
Copy, copy, copy... and then innovate
Copying other ideas is often the best choice if you do not have enough capital to disrupt a market.
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Enrico Pandian